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2016-2017 College Catalog 
2016-2017 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science (880), Associate of Science Degree

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Purpose: With the tremendous emphasis on science and technology in today’s society, there is a great demand for scientists and scientifically-oriented people in business, government, industry, and academia. This degree focuses on physical or natural science, and is designed for students are interested in a pre-professional or scientific program and for students planning to transfer to four-year institutions. Students interested in a computer science major should refer to the section on Science/ Specialization in Computer Science.

Course Offerings: Courses in this program are offered at the Hampton and Historic Triangle Campuses in the daytime, evenings, and online.

Special Notes: Completion of a capstone course on scientific research is a required part of the program. Students are highly encouraged to seek summer internship opportunities to explore the field of science.

For more information, contact the Science, Engineering and Technology Division at (757) 825-2898 or

♦ Course requires pre/co-requisites.

Fall I

Semester Total Credits 15

Spring I

Semester Total Credits 16/17

Fall II

  • Science/Math (3/4 credits) 1,2,5
  • Humanities (3 credits) 1,2,6
  • Social Science (3 credits) 1,2,3
  • Laboratory Science (4 credits) 1,2,4

Semester Total Credits 13/14

Spring II

Semester Total Credits 16/17

Total Minimum Credits 60/63

1Recommended courses to meet general education requirements are listed under General Program Information .
2In selecting transfer courses, students should consult the catalog of their intended transfer institution and major.
3The social science area must include a three credit history course.
4Two-semester laboratory science may be selected from the following: BIO 101 -BIO 102 , BIO 141 -BIO 142 , CHM 111 -CHM 112 , CHM 241 -CHM 242 , GOL 105 -GOL 106 , GOL 111 -GOL 112 , PHY 201 -PHY 202 , PHY 241 -PHY 242  or any two of the following: BIO 150 , BIO 170 , BIO 256  or BIO 270 .
5May be chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Physics, Natural Science, GIS 200 , GIS 201  or MTH 173 -MTH 174 .

*NOTE: CHM 101 -CHM 102 , PHY 101 -PHY 102  does not satisfy laboratory science or elective credits for this program.

6Two semesters of humanities may be selected from the areas of literature, religion, art, music, philosophy and humanities.

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