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Student ID:__________________________ Student Name:_______________________ Advisor Name:_______________________ College Catalog: 2017-2018 College Catalog Program: Cybersecurity for Local Area Networks (LAN) (221-732-16) Career Studies Certificate Minimum Credits Required:__________________

Cybersecurity for Local Area Networks (LAN) (221-732-16) Career Studies Certificate

Purpose: This career studies certificate is designed to provide basic competency in network security. This curriculum prepares students to take the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ industry certification exams. This career studies certificate is a subset of the larger enhanced competency curriculum titled “Cybersecurity for Enterprise” (221-732-15).

Educational or Occupational Objectives: This curriculum provides a means for high school students to begin their cybersecurity career studies as dual enrolled students with Thomas Nelson and provides a path for completion of the enhanced competency career studies certificate, “Cybersecurity for Enterprise”. Industry professionals can use this curriculum to prepare for Network+ and Security+ industry certifications to enhance their marketability and continue studies in cybersecurity.

Certificate Requirements

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ITE 120 - Principles of Information Systems ♦

Prerequisite(s): ENF 1 or ENF 2 as demonstrated through the placement and diagnostics tests or equivalent.

(3 credits)
ITN 109 - Internet and Network Foundations

Corequisite(s): ITE 120  or departmental approval

(3 credits)
ITN 260 - Network Security Basics

Prerequisite(s): ITN 109   or equivalent course or departmental permission.

(3 credits)

Total Minimum Credits 9

*IT courses must be taken within the last five years to apply to graduation.

Program Information (BPSISM)

For additional information about this program visit the Business, Public Services, Information Systems, and Mathematics Division web page, stop by Room 122 Diggs Hall, phone 757-825-2900, or email