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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program


The purpose of the Thomas Nelson Community College Honors Program is to provide the academically advanced student an enhanced educational experience beyond the requirements of a traditional classroom environment. The Honors Program provides an environment of heightened intellectual inquiry which furthers critical thinking skills, communication skills, and an appreciation of an interdisciplinary approach to global awareness. Honors courses are limited to small enrollments and are facilitated by seasoned faculty members who encourage independent thought and active participation from the honors student in the learning experience.

The Honors Program is available to students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement, clear educational goals, and high levels of self-direction and motivation. The student accepted into the Honors Program will undertake honors quality work in designated honors classes. A student can also complete the requirements for the Honors Program by fulfilling contracts for course credit which are developed with the instructors of regular courses that are not offered at the honors level.

Under special circumstances, a qualified student may receive permission to register for an honors section or receive permission to fulfill an honors contract for a course without intending to graduate from the program. Such students will still need to apply for admission to the Honors Program in consultation with the Honors Coordinator.


Recent high school graduates must demonstrate a grade point average of 3.5 and must complete the application for the Honors Program. The application is available from the Office of Student Services, the Honors Program Coordinator or online from the College website. Additionally the applicant should request completion of the Honors Student Recommendation Form from two faculty members. Following acceptance to the College and the submission of the Honors Program application, the applicant will have an interview with the Honors Coordinator, who will determine acceptance into the program.

Current Thomas Nelson Community College students must have completed at least 15 college credit hours at Thomas Nelson with a 3.5 grade point average. In addition to submission of the Honors Program Application, they should request completion of the Honors Student Recommendation Form from two faculty members to be considered for admission to the Honors Program. Current students applying to the Program will have an interview with the Honors Program Coordinator, who will determine acceptance into the program. Exceptions to these guidelines can be made on a needs basis.

Program Requirements

Successful completion of the Honors Program is contingent on continued academic excellence in regular coursework, participation in honors level coursework, academic success in honors level courses, and continued enrollment in the College. To receive honors designation on the diploma at graduation, the student must satisfactorily complete at least 15 credit hours in courses which are offered at the honors level. The student must complete at least one semester of the honors colloquium series. The honors colloquia are a series of seminars and group activities which focus on particular themes dependent upon that semester’s honors colloquium faculty leader. Themes will vary from one semester to the next, allowing the honors student to enroll in the colloquia for up to three semesters.

Students may also fulfill a portion of the required 15 credit hours by completing honors contracts. Awarding of honors credit for contract coursework is contingent upon fulfillment of the contract in accordance with the standards specified in the contract plus participation at the end of the semester in the Honors Program Mini-Conference. At this event, Honors Students will present a summary of their Honors work using either a tri-fold poster presentation or a minimum 8 slide PowerPoint presentation.

Honors Program Benefits

Members of the College’s Honors Program are provided with unique opportunities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stimulating classes that provide challenging coursework and class discussions
  • Designation of Honors courses on the student’s transcript
  • Recognition at graduation for successful completion of the Honors Program
  • Mentor relationships with faculty
  • Personalized academic advisement

For Further Information

Students interested in pursuing coursework as part of the Honors Program should contact the Honors Coordinator.